How Sportsbooks can Profit from Affiliate Marketing

There are four key components of affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketers ofcourse, the brand or the business, the affiliate network and the customers. The affiliate marketers promote brands by harnessing the power of various means, and if, they succeed in bringing potential customers that convert, they earn commissions for the sales. This model not only benefits the business but also benefits the marketers as they also get their fair share.

Affiliate marketers make use of affiliate networks that stay between affiliate marketers and the brands. Affiliate networks allow marketers to find the offers and products that they want to promote to the target audience.

So where do sportsbooks fit into all of this?

In case of sportsbook, affiliate marketers register for affiliate programs and start sending potential customers to the sportsbook. The traffic that converts enables the marketers to earn a commission. The sportsbooks can ask affiliate marketers to promote a game, a bet type, a specific events and much more.

Methods Used By Affiliate Marketers to Bring Traffic to Sportsbooks

Some of the most effective methods used by affiliate marketers are listed below:

YouTube Videos

Several affiliate marketers are established Youtubers who harness the power of their followers and create videos around the product.

Website Content

Those affiliate marketers who own blogs create pursuasive content around the products and insert the affiliate links in between. They also use banner ads to redirect users to the sportsbooks.


Some affiliate marketers post review of products to generate awareness. While doing this, they drop links to the sportsbook’s website to generate quality traffic.

Social Media

Social media is a great way of promoting products and services. These platforms also allow marketers to find their target audience with the help of several filters such as groups, pages, hashtags and much more.

Email Marketing
Email marketing enables marketers to promote links and also enables businesses to keep track of the leads effectively. Marketers are required to write sales scripts, include hyperlinks, add CTAs to promote services, offers, etc.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Models

CPL in Sports Betting

CPL or Cost Per Lead is another model where the referred customer is required to complete a set of action, so that the marketer can earn a commission.

CPA in Sports Betting

CPA stands for Cost Per Accusation. Whenever the bettor makes the first deposit, the affiliate marketer earns a commission. Marketer doesn’t get paid if the potential customers flees after making the deposit.

Revenue Share

This one is the long-term and most preferred model as the affiliate marketer gets to earn commission on the net profits generated by the referred bettor. But there is also a dark side. The marketer also bears loss when the bettor wins.

Hybrid (Mix of Revenue Share and CPA)

One of the most profitable models. The marketer receives commission whenever the customer makes a deposit. Also with time, if the marketer continues to bring in the leads, his cut may increase!

Perks of Affiliate Marketing For Sportsbooks

Access to International Markets

Sportsbooks receive customers from all around the world. Hence, in order to penetrate into the international markets, affiliate marketing is a great tool. Not only it’s low cost, but it also enables brands to appeal to various audiences.

Target Audience Better

Affiliate marketers hold years of experience in the industry. They know their way around and know how to target audiences effectively. Hence, when they send the leads to the platform, they send well-informed customers that hold maximum chances of converting.

Minimum Risks

Affiliate marketing requires businesses to only pay for performance. Plus, the customers that come to the platform do not require any more nurturing. This enables businesses to acquire customers within their budget.

Easy Tracking with Detailed Data and Stats

Affiliate marketing keeps business owners informed about the sales, leads, conversions and much more, which makes the monitoring process easy.

Return on Investment

Affiliate marketing equals to minimum cost and maximum returns. Businesses pay for only those leads that convert, which translates to maximised ROI.

Pool of Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing appeals to many as it is one of the greatest methods of generating passive income.

When done right, affiliate marketing can prove to be one of the best ways of generating traffic and gaining customers. Businesses pay only for the traffic that converts which also enables them to maximize the return on investment. Moreover, the affiliates know what they are doing. Hence, the traffic that’s sent to the platform requires minimum nurturing.

Did I miss something? Let me know by commenting in the comment section.




I am Daniel Geller. I am an iGaming enthusiast who is madly in love with the ever-changing industry.

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Daniel Geller

Daniel Geller

I am Daniel Geller. I am an iGaming enthusiast who is madly in love with the ever-changing industry.

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